Aciou - Ode To Lost Toys

from by The Dick Show



Dick: I must’ve been... Five or six years old. Sitting in the back of the
BMW, and I remember everything about it. Like I remember having
my favourite toy with me on the seat, like a brand new Optimus Prime...

The metal one, too, man

My Dad jumps out of the car, at the- at the intersection! And I remember him
- in one of these paw-swipes – grabbing my Optimus Prime and launching it
like a fucking rocket, like a trebuchet, launching it behind him

And at that moment, I could see my metal Optimus Prime – brand new!
Never been played with at all! – skipping across the asphalt thinking

“NO!” (No, please God no!)

Optimus Prime: Do not grieve. Soon - I will be one with the Matrix

Dick: I remember, it was sweltering hot, so he takes the family out
for shaved ice. ‘Cause m’Dad loves the shaved ice. We were about
to pull out of this little strip mall, shopping centre in Scottsdale, Arizona
and he pulls up to make a left.

He was cruising up, and getting a little goosey on the speed, and before
I could even realise what was happening, I see the shaved ice just flying
out of my hand in slow-motion all over the brand new car. And I’m thinking:

“Oh fuck.”

Optimus Prime: Do not grieve. Soon - I will be one with the Matrix

Dick: Too shocked... to cry


from The Dick Show Album, released February 19, 2018
Written and produced by Aciou
Vocals: Samglaze
Scratch Solo: Lakembra
Contains vocal samples of Dick Masterson


all rights reserved



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