Samglaze feat. Dick Masterson - GFY

from by The Dick Show



Hey everybody, Dick Masterson here.

Y’know, we’ve had a lot of fun on this album –- maybe too much fun.
Maybe that’s what’s wrong with this world, there’s too much fun
and peace and love and understanding.
Maybe what we really need is to give hate a chance.

That’s why I’d like to send a special message to all
you listeners and non-listeners
All you Patreonis and non-Patreonis
and especially any of you bald ass-blasted
Armenian cucks out there who currently have
a half-a-billion-dollar lawsuit against me.

From me to you, it’s a very special:

Go fuck yourself

To the ladies, and the fellas
and the gender-dysmorphically jealous
To the shitty moms, and the shitty dads
and the shitty kids who will do just as bad

To everyone who gets a drink and stands at the bar
and everyone who gets behind the wheel of a car

Go fuck yourself

Cock-blockers (cock-blockers)
Low talkers (low talkers)
Slow walkers (slow walkers)
Ex stalkers (ex stalkers)
Liberals, the war on drugs
Creepy guys who give Peach too long a hugs

Cucks on twitter who can’t take a joke

Go fuck yourself

Song lyrics. Heh, fuckin’ song lyrics. Song lyrics are garbage poetry.
Okay? They’re garbage poetry written by teenage attention whores
for teenage attention whores, consisting mostly of references
to primary colours and primary emotions, with less wisdom than
a fortune cookie, but somehow you put that to a chord
progression and sing it like your dick is made of
magic beans and everyone will jack themselves off
stupid to it. But still, with all that, they’re impossible to write.
Song lyrics, go fuck yourself.

Phony lollers (phony lollers)
Scratchy collars (scratchy collars)
Manlet Internet Scholars
Lying (we got lying)
Implying (and implying)
Every kid in the world when they’re crying

Coaches who run late, Dustin and his loot crates
Anyone who doesn’t believe in Pizzagate

Go fuck yourself

Go fuck yourself
if you work in customer service
Go fuck yourself
and the government
Go fuck yourself
Also, attractive atheletes. Any attractive athletes out there?
Fuck you man. Didn’t you- Didn’t you get enough?
In the genetic lottery? You need more?
You need all the- You need all the women.
Just a couple’s not too g-
Go fuck yourself
Also, too much guacamole. You have to eat it.
You don’t have a choice, it’s there, you have to eat it.
And your appetite’s fucked. You just end up cramming
A $40 dinner down your throat like you’re a Play-Doh
Fun Factory of shit and try not to think of the loaf of shit
kicking out the back of your rectum.
Also, people with standing desks.
Man, what is the matter with you?
That you had to make work -
You took a nice job sitting there at a computer,
and you made it about exercise.
Fuck you.


from The Dick Show Album, released February 19, 2018
Written and produced by Samglaze
Lyrics and vocals: Dick Masterson


all rights reserved



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