Lakembra - Black Pill II - Blacked Harder

from by The Dick Show



Guess who's back from the bathroom, me Mikey C!
Hey baby pop a pill and come follow me.
I'm gonna find some pussy to get cernovich-slapped
I got a mandate from my penis, now please clap.

Whip out your golden titties double quick and
take a trip into a magical mysterious experience
Now you're in for a surprise, you won't believe your eyes
So let's go through the curtain of liberal lies.

Take the black pill, get jacked for real.
My simian psyche is hypin me up for a fuck.
Prick glistening, break the zippers conditioning. Talk dirty to me baby,
like tap water from michigan, are you listening?!

I'm super duper serious, I'm buzzing like asterios
on five bags of blow, grabbing girls at a burlesque show
If words are magic, I'm a wizard, here's a hat-trick
Three little words bitch, suck my fat dick!

Nice guys never make first place
So come and get a taste of my hominid headspace
I'm a real piece of shit yeah, but I know you fucking love it
I'm an alpha K-selected, with my new primate perspective
Bitch, I'm the truth, I'm the light, I'm a god,
I'm the right, I'm the alt, I'm the gibbon gestalt
so come and play the pieces are in place, the table's set
I got gorilla mindset bitch you aint seen nothing yet

Humanity is fading. We're succumbing to depravity but
marmoset mentality can make your wildest fantasy
become an actuality, a shiny new reality.
It only costs your family, your salary your sanity

Pop open the bottle and take a pill or two or three
and see how life is better when you're not mentally atrophied
We'll backflip through time and space and enter a place
where rules are an illusion and there's no such thing as rape

I'm spitting straight fire and saliva on this mic
my haters call me names but they can call me what they like
a lecherous sexist, reckless racist, logic escapist
a deviant sadist and a degenerate rapist without any basis

Declassify the files and see the truth behind
Detoxify your mind and filter out the lies
Decalcify your third eye and sing it loud


from The Dick Show Album, released February 19, 2018
Written and produced by Lakembra
Additional production by Samglaze
Lyrics & Vocals: Lakembra
Backing Vocals: Samglaze
Contains vocal samples of Asterios Kokkinos and Mike Cernovich


all rights reserved



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